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Hi! I’m Donna – owner and instructor of From Bump and Beyond Fitness and mother of two boys.

From a young age I’ve been into fitness, at age 17 I was working as a gym instructor whilst studying and at 18 I trained to be an exercise to music instructor teaching a range of fitness classes. Fast forward a few years and I now have 15 years of experience as a health and fitness professional with a passion for inspiring and motivating others.

I exercised all the way through both pregnancies, after my first I learnt I had diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals) from a friend who was physio I had never heard of this condition and had no idea what caused it or  if it could be fixed. I found a physio who gave me pilates based exercises that would support the close the gap. During my second pregnancy I looked for pre and postnatal fitness sessions in the area and I quickly learnt there wasn’t a lot out there, I once again had diastasis recti but fortunately I was lucky in that I had the knowledge to be able to once again close the gap. This lack of support and knowledge ignited a passion to educate and advise mums and mums to be on safe and effective exercise during pregnancy and beyond. It was after I had my second son that I undertook a pre and postnatal exercise qualification and Pilates Level 3 matwork. I also found a diastasis detective programme which I have more recently undertaken to understand more about the condition.

I hope you like the variety of classes I provide – if you have any particular classes or times you’d prefer, I’m always open to suggestions! And if you have any questions about my classes please contact me.